Single Post

Single Post is related settings about post type of post.

We provides two section.

  • Layout
  • Content

Layout Section

Layout Section is about following setting.

Display Sidebar

This section is about using sidebar on your page or not.

If you choose ‘No Sidebar”, The page layout is next image.

And also, if you want to sidebar position from right(default) to left. You can do this here. The result is like next image.

Use Sticky Sidebar

This option is for one who want to make sidebar been sticky. This setting is not available when you choose “No Sidebar” in the previous option. So if you want to use this, please check the previous option first.

Content Section

Content section is about following setting.

  • Display headline(excerpt)
  • Display Date (Date and Modified Date)
  • Display Author
  • Display Social Buttons(Above)
  • Display Social Buttons(Bottom)
  • Display Taxonomies
  • Display Related Post
  • Display Recent Post

I will describe more detail about some of them.

Select SNS acount

When you activate the option “Display Social Buttons”, you will be able to choose which social account do you use.

We provide following social account

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Pocket
  • feedly

For example, when you activate only Facebook and Twitter, the layout is like next image.

Display Related Post & Display Recent Post

You can show your posts in post content area.

Related post widget shows posts belong to same category.

Recent post widget shows recent posts.