【2018 version】 6 steps to copy the entire WordPress site

【2018 version】 6 steps to copy the entire WordPress site

There are times when you want to create a development environment or copy the whole WordPress site at the time of server relocation. In such a case you can easily do by doing the 6 steps to introduce here.

1: Copy site using Duplicator Plugin

In this article I will using “Duplicator” plugin.

Duplicator Plugin

Other migration plugin (Just instroduction)

By the way, there are backup plugins besides Duplicator. I will introduce free things from them.

2: Create a backup of WordPress using Duplicator

Firstly, we create a backup using package generator.


Activate and get a new package in “Packeages -> Create New” section.

The setup wizard will start. Detailed settings are for people who are matured in development.. You can leave the default settings if you feel no problems. please click “Next” button.

Duplicator Process

Retrieve the backup. There is considerable time difference depending on the data capacity of your site.

End Process

If everything is “Good”, just press “Build”.

Duplicator backs up WordPress database, images, templates, plugins, and all other files into one downloadable package.

When you are done click “One-Click Download” to download. Then “installer.php” will be downloaded.

3: Upload Installer.php to the destination server

After downloading Duplicator, we will install it to the new wordpress.

First upload the downloaded “installer.php” to the same directory as “wp – config.php”.

4: Start the import script

After uploading, we need to start the script.

To do this, you can simply execute the following URL in a web browser.


Do not forget to replace with your domain name or the local address of the new site.

The Duplicator installer starts up.


By referring to the copy destination site information, the setting is automatically supplemented so that the backup can be done well.

Please check the “term & notice” checkbox and click “Next”.

Install Database

You will be asked for database information, so fill it in. Those are written in “wp-config.php”, so please check and fill in, if you do’t know.

At this time, pressing the “Test Database” button, which  will check whether the connection to the database is successful.

If this does not work you can not copy it, so let’s check it.

When the test is completed please click “Next”.

Update Data

When duplicator will completes the copying of the site’s data. Then it is required to update some data.

This is an update to match such information with the migration destination site, as the URL, site name, etc, which are  often differrent between the migration source site and the migration destination site.

If it is OK, click “Next” to update the database.

5: Test the migration site

Let’s test the WordPress site once the backup is complete.

6: Delete installation file

Please check all of the management screen and front screen and check that the website is copied properly.

If the site copy is going well, you do not need “installer.php” uploaded to the destination site anymore.

Remove Installer.php
Remove Installer.php

Click “Remove Installation Files” from Duplicator’s “tool” screen to delete it.


If the display as above is displayed, it is deletion complete.


There are many other ways to duplicate a WordPress site.

However, if you are those who wish to do with free of charge, I recommend this easy wat to do it according to this step guide.